A New Idea for 2024

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As 2023 comes to an end, it has me thinking about a word and a verse for next year. For the last several years, my family and I have, individually, filled out the “Reflections/Aspirations” questionnaire that helps reflect on the previous year and find goals, a word and a verse for the upcoming year. We love doing this and will probably still do it, however there is something else I want to do this year and wanted to share with you.

Instead of a word to focus on, I want to focus on the Character of God. Who He is. Because who He is doesn’t change. And because when we know who He is, we will walk better with Him and better in this life. What would happen if HE were at the forefront of our minds and beginning of this year, not just a word pertaining something we need to work on. While a word is good and helpful, focusing on the true Word will bring peace and strength. When we look to Him above all, it’s where we are meant to be.

As I thought about this more, I can look back through 2023 and the attribute I would choose would be GOD IS SOVEREIGN. It’s what He taught me and showed me last year. It’s what helped me in a lot of situations. If you look back on 2023, what did God teach you about Himself? What characteristic of Him did you find yourself clinging to?

So, in addition to knowing an attribute of the Lord in 2024, we can reflect on 2023. Oh, I love this so much, don’t you!?

I know for 2024, GOD IS FAITHFUL, will be my anthem. I will search up verses pertaining to Him being faithful and memorize/meditate on them throughout the year, but mainly remembering and standing on the fact that He is faithful in all things.

Here is a list of attributes/characteristics. You can print this off and have the kiddos circle the one they want to focus on.

Here is the Updated Reflections/Aspirations worksheet to add the attribute of God. It may be too much to do a word, verse and attribute, but make it your own and make it fun and easy for the kiddos. It’s always good to spend a little time reflecting on how we or our kids have grown and to set realistic goals for the year ahead. Enjoy! Happy New Year!

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    God bless you as you serve Him.
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