“Re” ~ A Ballad and Prayer

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One day as I was writing, I discovered the neatest correlation between God’s character, the Christian life and the prefix “re“. Keep reading and let me know if you can add anymore “re” words!*

We rejoice in him. He is reliable.

He remembers us, He remains in us.

He rejects no one who repents of sin. He brings us into remission from a life of sin. Through Him we are reborn.

His reputation can be trusted, while He changes our reputations. He helps us resist the devil. He is worthy of our reverence and respect.

He reigns.

He takes care of our rebellion; He loves us amidst our rebellion. He renews us. He restores that which is broken.

He is our refuge and our reward – an eternal reward for those who follow Him.

He alone is responsible for our salvation- not us. We can rest in Him. He is our restitution, resurrection.

He reveals Himself to those who seek Him.
Revenge is His, not ours. He will repay the wrongs.

He is unchanging and always relevant.

He is about a relationship with us, not our religion or religious acts.

We will receive power when His Spirit is upon us.

Oh, Holy Spirit, revive us.


Father God, we praise You for being our God of many “re” words. We praise You for Your work in our lives- past, present and future. Help us to remain in You and remain humble so Your Spirit can move within us. Renew, revive and restore us, Father. In right fellowship with You and with others. Redeem that which is broken in our hearts, minds and relationships. Have Your way with us, oh, Jesus. In Your redeeming name, AMEN.

*These words were originally published on my church women’s ministry social media blog

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  1. Dad

    Now that is a fun way to consider the essence of God! Thanks for thinking of this process and putting it to words. Beautiful.

    • Sarah Heringer

      love you!

  2. Jan Sprott

    Really neat Sarah. Who knew there were so many Re s?

    • Sarah Heringer

      Love you!

      • Sarah Heringer

        Love you!


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