Oh my three kiddos. All I’ve ever wanted. Yet so often I find myself overwhelmed at all that comes with raising them.

So much to teach them, to show them. So many times I have to remind them of the same thing over and over.

“Pick your towels up off the floor.” “Brush your teeth!”
“Put things back where they live!” “Clean up your own mess.”
“Use your manners.”
“Be kind to your brother!”
“Don’t hit!”

Sometimes I feel like I’m always on them to do something, fix something or change something. I notice things that need work but do I praise enough of the good things and that which is done right?

I want to better celebrate the small. The little steps towards maturity and growth, the small ways I see them listening and learning. The small obediences. I want to notice and celebrate these things.

Even if the process seems painfully slow, there will surely always be something to celebrate! 🎉🙌🏼♥️🙏🏼

What about you, is it hard to celebrate and notice the small?

PS! celebrating SEVEN posts in a row. I do hope it wasn’t too much for and thank you for being a part!

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  1. James D. Sprott

    If a parent celebrates the small lights of a child’s growth, someday the parent will be filled with joy at the maturity of his children! Like me! Love, Dad

    • Sarah Heringer

      Love you!


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