Fresh fruit. Fresh powder. Fresh, flowing water.
Spoiled fruit. Icy snow. Stagnant water.

We would all prefer the fresh of things, right? Who likes the taste of spoiled fruit? Who wants to ski on icy snow? Who wants to drink stagnant water?

When we look at our relationship with Jesus Christ, is it fresh or has it been neglected, signs of bitterness and rot showing up? Is it soft and pliable or has it been hardened by life’s circumstances we can’t believe He allowed? Has it grown deeper than it was at the beginning, or is it the same, not moving or growing?

In revelation 3, Jesus is speaking to the church at Laodiceans. Their love for God had become stale and stagnant; lukewarm. He says, “I will spit you out of my mouth.”

If that’s not direction to pay attention to our hearts towards Christ I’m not sure what is. Our relationship with Him is a gift we must tend to. It’s not to be neglected. It’s to be nourished. It’s to grow. It’s to stay fresh by being with Him in prayer and seeking Him in His Word.

So where are we? Do we want the freshness and newness of our relationship with Christ? Don’t we want the excitement of being all in and committed to Him? He’s ready to renew us once and for all but also everyday. ♥️

A prayer~
Father God, Mighty One. Forgive us for neglecting our relationship with You. Forgive us for letting the world distract and entice us. Help us to stay committed to You. Help us to know You. Help our faith and relationship with you to keep moving and growing and never grow stale, stagnant or hard. Guide us into a deeper, more exciting season with you. You are good, forgiving and we love you! In your name, Amen. ♥️

***Post five of seven of the hope*writers Instagram writing challenge I participated in earlier in the year. 😄

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