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Go forward. Don’t stop moving. Keep up the pace. Increase your pace. No breaks. Don’t be a slacker. Be the best. First place. Keep pushing. No time for tears. Fill up the calendar. Try to get ahead. Get it done. Check it off. Go. Go. Go.

The world’s idea of progress is exhausting and hard to keep up with. Even our own standards of progress can be overwhelming.

When we look at progress through the lens of Scripture we see something different.

Progress with the Lord is found in resting, being still. In Sabbath.

Progress is seen in our hearts, not in what we do, have done or might accomplish.

It’s seen in the finished work of Christ on the cross.

It’s seen when we “be still and know.” When we trust and obey. It’s seen in the quiet of surrender. It’s seen in each day we are alive, one day closer to the prize.

When we realize it was the Lord who carried us through that tough time; He never left our side, that’s progress. When we know His Spirit was the One who guided us, that’s progress. When we look back over the years and see how the Lord has grown us and increased our faith, the things unseen, that we see progress. It’s seen in receiving and giving grace, now that’s progress.

So stop. Breathe. Take time to rest in His presence and praise Him in prayer. Sit at His feet and let His grace fill you. Meditate on His Word. Memorize His truths. Know He is near. Know that He is always working and moving even when we aren’t. Hand the busy and chaos to Him.

Run the race with endurance that comes from Him. Have faith and Rest. In. Grace.

***Post two of seven of the hope*writers Instagram writing challenge I participated in earlier in the year. 😄

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