Try this vitamin, this diet, this drink.
Read this book, this blog, do this for a week.

Wear this, not that, get a novel new do.

Follow this person and Keep searching to make a new you.

A different you, a better you, a brand new you!

So many empty promises but only One is true.

Old you, new you.
What’s the difference you say?
If it’s not Jesus, the new won’t stay.

He gives sight to the blind and strength to the weary. He makes streams in the desert and dries eyes of the teary.

He takes off the old and puts on the new. Filled with His Spirit, there’s a lot one can do.

The new you’ve been grasping for year after year, Is ever before you, so no need to fear.

Take hold of Christ once and for all, but also everyday let Him show you the way.

To a new you.

A hope-filled you.
A Jesus-following you.
A people-loving you.
A Bible-reading you.
A prayer-warrior you.

A brand new you.

***Post one of seven of the Hope*writers Instagram writing challenge I participated in earlier in the year. 😄

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