How To Properly Fix Other People ~ Five Minute Friday Blog Link Up*

by | Jan 22, 2021 | Five minute Friday | 16 comments

We want to fix people, don’t we? We see the flaw, the imperfections and offer our help or opinion when it’s often unwarranted, therefore, not really received.

Our words and opinions will rarely fix others. Gosh we can hardly fix ourselves, right? It takes something bigger, mightier and more powerful to fix our issues, sin and brokenness.

Sometimes we see brokenness in others before we see our own. Or maybe we ignore our own brokenness while focusing on other’s issues. The verse about the log and speck comes to mind here.

We think we know what’s best by offering “help” or thinking we can fix others by giving our advice or opinion, but I’ve found there is little grace or love in this. Of course we would live everyone else’s lives differently; we are different from them!

So how we can properly fix others, offer advice or “help”?

•We focus on our own hearts and motives first.

•We see and confess our need for a Savior.

•We seek forgiveness for the many logs in our own eyes and then we can pray for the specks in our neighbors eyes.

•We pray for wisdom on how, when and if to speak. If so, we can offer love, support and encouraging words with grace and truth to others.

•We look to God as the ultimate fixer. Nothing is too broken or too far gone for Him to redeem in ourselves or others!

Two questions:

What situation or relationship do we need to apply these words?

In what relationship can we give grace because of the grace we have been given for our shortcomings?

Daily bring our logs before Him so he can work in us. Pray for the specs in others so He can move in them. It’s the Holy Spirit that changes lives, not us. ♥️

*Five Minute Friday is a blog link up of Christian writers who are given one word each Friday, writing 5 minutes on the specific word. It is so neat to see how many different perspectives one word can have! Plus, it is such an encouraging group of writers. Iron sharpens iron! For more, click the following link.

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  1. Amie

    The scripture you chose is probably the greatest example of how hard (impossible?) it is to “fix” another person. And yet, my instinct is to try to do it again and again. God give me wisdom.

    Amie, FMF #25

    • Sarah Heringer

      Yes! I need wisdom on this too!

    • Loretta

      I sometimes have a whole forest in my eye. 🙁 my eyes are fixed on the one who helps me in this journey. Visiting from fmf #4

      • Sarah Heringer

        Same here, sister! I was wondering I. The verse why the log is singular! Mine is defiantly multiple logs!

  2. Aneta Coulter

    A good reminder! This reminds me of Ann Landers (an advice columnist years ago) reminding her readers to never give advice unless it’s asked for. It’s true. Unsolicited advice is rarely well received. Visiting you from FMF#30

    • Sarah Heringer

      Oh that’s so good! Unsolicited advice is rarely well received!

  3. Mandy Farmer

    Great advice. Coming from FMF

    • Sarah Heringer

      Hi! Yes I need this daily!

  4. Wendy S Elzinga

    Love this prospective. We need to work on identifying what needs fixing ourselves before we point out what needs fixing in others and then we can humbly approach others offering them the same grace that was given to us.

    • Sarah Heringer


  5. Stephanie

    “Daily bring our logs before Him so he can work in us. Pray for the specs in others so He can move in them. It’s the Holy Spirit that changes lives, not us. ♥️” Great words.

  6. Sandra K Stein

    Love this.
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. Karis Ward

    Thank you Sarah such a good reminder. Why is it that we want to be the Holy Spirit in peoples lives? I needed this today!

    • Sarah Heringer

      Hi Karis! That’s it- we want to be their Holy Spirit and we can’t! I need this daily! Hope you are doing well. Prayers!

  8. Leslie Williams

    “The Holy Spirit changes lives, not us.” Amen. This post was an excellent reflection for me. 🙂

    • Sarah Heringer

      Me too! Our greatest weapon is prayer! ♥️🙌🏼🙏🏼


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