The Christmas Letdown but New Years Hope (plus questions for 2020 reflection and 2021 aspirations)

by | Dec 30, 2020 | Children, christmas, Current Events, Family, God's Word, new years | 5 comments

Before above and after below. It goes by so quickly, doesn’t it!?

We prepare and plan for a month or more and can’t wait for Christmas morning. Then it’s here, and it’s over, just like any other day. I’m both convicted and conflicted about my dependance on one day to bring so much joy.

(Don’t worry it wasn’t all Hallmark over here, we had only one child thank us and another say it was the worst Christmas ever. Nice, huh? I have to admit I had some small expectations that weren’t met, too. Perhaps as the mom who does so much for this special day you can relate?)

I guess what I’m searching for is how do we make the Christmas joy and cheer more lasting (minus the expectations!🤣)? What are some ways, do you think??

To wake up each day like it’s a gift. To treat each person we meet along the way (and especially those in our households) like a gift- like the gift that they are? Truly living and utilizing the gifts God gives us- The gift of His Son, salvation, hope, His Spirit, His Word?

On December 26, I woke up and wanted to do it all over again, except Christmas Day had passed.

But TODAY hasn’t and today is a gift! And these people calling me mom and needing me every second of the day are a gift! And I need God’s continual help to give me joy for the journey of everyday that isn’t Christmas morning. Anyone else??

A prayer ~ God, You are good and faithful and You long for everyday to be full of joy for Your children. May we rely upon prayer and Your Spirit to keep us steady in the chaos (and calm!) each day brings. May we treat each day as a gift from You to be used for Your glory and praise. The Spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak…give us Your supernatural strength, joy and peace, Lord, I pray! AMEN.

As we begin a new year this weekend, I am hopeful…are you? New things are fun and exciting. Blank slates are clean and crisp. I’m hopeful because Christ is still here with us, in us and for us. He loves us and is so, so good. And forgiving. And full of grace and mercy. Amen, hallelujah!

I hope you all have a Happy New Year and to help reflect and aspire, click the pic below for questions to answer alone, with family or friends. I think I may print off one for the 5 of us (kids included!) to see what everyone has to say. These would also be fun if you are having a dinner party or guests over for New Year’s Eve. Enjoy and Happy 2021!!

Love you all, Sarah

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  1. Gaygay

    Love this Sarah. So true!❤️

    • Sarah Heringer

      Love you, Mommy!

  2. Alexis

    Love these words sarah, I so relate ❤️

    • Sarah Heringer

      So glad to know I’m not alone in these mixed emotions! Thank you for sharing, Alexis!

  3. James D. Sprott

    These are powerful words, Sarah: “And I need God’s continual help to give me joy for the journey of everyday that isn’t Christmas morning.”


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