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Sarah Heringer

Sarah is a passionate Bible teacher, author and speaker who longs to see women walking in the freedom, healing and power only Jesus can provide. Through authentic stories and confessions, Scriptural Truths, Biblical application and laughs, she invites her audience to seek, see and savor the Lord starting today. She encourages believers to never stop growing and challenges those walking with Jesus to go deeper still.

As a lukewarm Christian for years before coming back to the Lord, she shares in a way that those on the fence, those that have run away or those that don’t know Christ can resonate and draw them in to something bigger and more secure than themselves. Sarah says that getting a C and minor PTSD from the Public Speaking class she took in college, makes it truly the Lord’s work that she is called to speak.

If you are interested in more information or scheduling Sarah to speak at your event or retreat, please see below.

What they’re saying

Sarah is a wonderful inspiring speaker no matter the format whether as a single speaker or part of a panel discussion. Her love for the Lord shows as she engages her audience with the words the Lord has given her.

Sandra Hardage

CEO and Founder of My Journey of Faith Ministries

Interested in having Sarah speak at your event?

Contact her using the form below and she will be in touch!

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